Norway Rat

The Norway rat is larger and more aggressive than the Roof Rat. As an adult the Norway Rat can weigh between 12-16 oz. with a body length of 6-8 inches long. The nose is blunt with small ears, and small eyes. The fur is shaggy and coarse with variation in colors. The tail is shorter than the head and body combined, and scaly.

Roof Rat

The Roof Rat is smaller and more slender than the bigger Norway Rat.

The adults weigh about 5-9 ounces,7-10 inches long. The tail is longer than the head and body combined. They have large ears and a pointed nose. The fur is smooth, as opposed to the Norway rat with it’s shaggy fur.

Field Mouse

Some of the most noticed features of mice are their small pointed noses, their whiskers, their small black eyes, their round ears and their long scaly tails. Mice weigh about one ounce. Their heads and bodies are three to four inches long not including their tails. A mouse’s tail is almost as long as its body. They have five toes on each of their four feet and each toe has a sharp claw. Their claws help them grip onto things when they climb. Mice have two kinds of teeth. They have incisors which are their front teeth and cheeks which are their back teeth. Incisors are the teeth with sharp edges used to gnaw on things.