What Can Prevention Pest  Do For Me?

Prevention Pest Control is different from our major competitors. Our Local based service revolves around customer satisfaction, not checks. Our techs are fully equipped with an arsenal of exterminating, trapping, baiting, and monitoring tools. When our signature red car pulls up into your driveway you know that you’ll be receiving the best service you can find. So what services do we offer?

Pest Control

Prevention Pest Control Technicians are stocked with a plethora of pest-fighting tools. We Carry general preventative sprays that put a chemical barrier between you and those pesky insects to ensure they cannot get into your home. In the event that they have already found their way inside we also carry a range of chemicals from low-toxicity sprays that will kill pests inside while not being dangerous to your family. These chemicals will control your pests without being a bother to you.
Ants    Fleas    Spiders    Cockroaches


Termites are a serious topic here at Prevention. There is no worse news than hearing that repairs to your house will be in the thousands due to termite damage. We are here to prevent that.
When dealing with termites you have two options to work with: Bait stations and Trench & Treat methods. We use the Trench & Treat method because it is much more effective and killing termites and only requires a one time service instead of constant maintenance like the bait stations do. Furthermore the treatment is effective immediately whereas bait stations must be monitored for weeks first before the poison is put out.


Are you getting mice in your attic? Squirrels climbing up your gutters? Annoying rodents of any kind causing damage to your house? Seal up that gutter line. What’s a gutter line? Well you might not know, but between your roof and your gutter there is a gap (also known as a construction gap.) This gap allows rodents to make their way  into your attic and through out your house.  We also seal up any other entrances and lay traps.


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Pest Control in Atlanta Georgia

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